Friday, January 18, 2013

Lady Gaga Invades the House

+Liam Shepherd and Cora both love music. There is almost always music playing in both of their rooms. They sing together when they're doing chores or playing together. They take any opportunity to break into dance. Cora's all time favorite artist is K. T. Tunstall, but she enjoys a wide variety of other artists, too.

One such artist is Lady Gaga. She has expressed as much to my big sister, Aunt A. Well, Aunt A happened to attend a Lady Gaga concert last night, which Cora thought was just the coolest thing ever. Aunt A happens to be the coolest aunt ever, though. She arranged to call Cora when her favorite Lady Gaga song (Poker Face) was playing, so she could listen to it live over the phone.

So, Cora brought a pile of books to bed with her last night. Her plan was to stay awake reading until the phone call came in, however late that might be. Luckily, Lady Gaga chose to perform that number early in her show. I was barely asleep, at 10:39, when I was awakened by a text from Cora, letting me know she'd heard the song and was going to sleep. She will often text me when she doesn't want to get out of bed to say or ask something at night. That's a huge improvement on her not getting out of bed to tell us even important things.

This morning, she's bright and chipper, and I heard nothing but Lady Gaga all morning until the kids left for their Archery Club meeting. Luckily, it was super early today, on account of there being no school!