Monday, December 8, 2014

Review: Dollar Shave Club

Pros: High quality products. Low cost. Natural ingredients. Pleasant scents. Honest, down to earth company.
Cons: Not Made in America. Cannot order products on demand.

I signed my husband up for the Dollar Shave Club in October 2014. We signed up for the $9 level, but you can be supplied with basic razors for as little as $1 every other month.
I'd heard about the club from some passing ad or something. When Jason mentioned he was just about out of razor blades, I suggested we check it out. I placed an order for the Executive blades. We were close to the normal shipment date. So, they went out almost immediately. My credit card wasn't charged until the day the product shipped. The package arrived days later. It was well packed, with environmentally friendly material, and contained a free sample of the Easy Shave Butter.
We were very impressed with the company and it's products. We plan to sample more of them with each of our upcoming shipments. I highly recommend this company to anyone who shaves, male or female. You can't beat the quality for the price!
And if you do sign up, please use my links so we can get $5 off our next order!