Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cat Genie is a hit!

We were all a little unsure how the cats would adjust to the high tech litter box, and it's high tech litter. The thing is a monstrosity. We measured first, and it fits just like we expected, but it's still bigger than any of us were imagining. It's not nearly as loud as I had expected, though! The cleaning process is whisper quiet, except when the water is draining. Even that isn't bad, though.

We have 2 cats. Zoey is an old lady, nearly 14 years old. I don't think she even noticed her cheap, open top box was replaced by the Cat Genie. Aslan is barely a year old and into everything. He's quite the talker, too. He mews and chirps and you can carry on long conversations with him, if you are listening for vocal tone instead of words. That's him, in the picture. He spends a lot of time, now, standing just like that. He sniffs every surface of the interior, including each individual granual, about an hour after each cleaning process. He doesn't enter the room during that first hour for the same reason none of the rest of us do. It has an overpowering musky smell that takes nearly an hour to dissipate. Even though Aslan is neutered, I imagine it's a product of cleaning adolescent boy cat urine off the granuals. We're using the unscented cleaning solution, and I think the reviews would have mentioned if this was common for others.

Aside from an hour of musk after cleaning, the Cat Genie is everything is claims to be. Aslan was confused at first, and wandered around the laundry room mewing piteously the first night. I had to shove him into the box a couple times before he understood that it wasn't just a cool new cave to play in. After that, he's had no problem using it. He's also incredibly intrigued by the cleaning process. He absolutely HAS to be present every time it's run. We aren't using the auto clean feature. It's not recommended while your cats are getting used to the box. Also, we want to be in control of when the musk is released. I would hate for the timing to align with dinner or company visiting.

This box is much like a standard box. The cats don't track out as much litter, but we still have to sweep the area once per day. You can't just use any litter, so it makes sense to sign up for one of the Cat Genie "Very Important Cat" subscriptions. Running the Genie once per day per cat is recommended, but we are finding once per day to be appropriate for our household. So a single year subscription should actually provide us with enough product to last 2 - 3 years. That means we'll spend far less than we ever have on supplies. Even cleaning it twice per day, we would spend (at most) what we were spending to upkeep a regular litter box.