Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Picture of Love

This may seem like an odd picture but it's really so full of love I can hardly bare it.

From the top;
 The tapestry isn't really my cup of tea, I admit. Jason's dad had it on the wall as long as he can remember. Last winter, it was passed to Jason. It has great sentimental value and he wanted nothing more than to display it prominently in our home. We couldn't decide where to put it until Flynn was born. We initially put it over the changing table just to give him something to look at. He was enthralled. He loves the thing! Now that we have it over the basinet instead, he'll happily spend 5-10 min at a time, several times per day, just looking at it. Sometimes he'll even fall asleep looking at it and nap.

The blanket over the back of the basinet is there to cut down on drafts. It comes of every day so Flynn can lay on it for naked and tummy time. It's so super soft, who wouldn't enjoy laying on it? It was a gift from great grandma Shepherd.

The basinet itself was a gift from my mom. She found the antique wicker basinet at a yard sale. She cleaned it up, built rockers, and painted it. She made everything that isn't wicker, including the sheets.

My aunt made the blanket in the basinet. Flynn loves the feel of crochet. This is the smallest and lightest of his crocheted blankets. It's perfect for throwing over his legs for a nap. He hates sleeping with his legs uncovered. Even if he wears pants he needs at least a receiving blanket over his legs.

And, of course, there's his guard cat. Aslan is always in the same room as Flynn. If Flynn is on the changing table, or on his blanket on the floor, Aslan is on the bed watching. If Flynn is having a bath, Aslan is on the back of the toilet. If Flynn's in his basinet, Aslan is right next to it. Every night when we go to bed, Aslan checks on Flynn, purring loudly. He wants nothing more than to snuggle with Flynn, but has a very strong instinct to stay away from the baby's head. Instead, he begs us for pets and sometimes, if he just can't resist, he'll curl up below Flynn's feet while I'm feeding him. I can't wait until Flynn is big enough to interact with Aslan. He already makes a kind of clicking noise when he sees the cat. They're going to be the best of friends, I think.